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117-year-old Jamaican woman becomes world's oldest person
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / on 18 Apr 2017,Tuesday
A 117-year-old Jamaican woman named Violet Brown has become the world's oldest person, revealed US-based Gerontology Research Group. She lives in the same house she was born in and is Queen Victoria's last living former subject. Brown, born on March 10, 1900, had once said, "I live by the grace of God and I am proud of my age."
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / 10:24 am on 18 Apr
MTR launches a range of 3-minute Indian breakfast
short by Azhar Iqubal / on 28 Apr 2017,Friday
In a rush to get to office every morning, youngsters often end up skipping breakfast, the most important meal of the day. To combat this problem, MTR has launched a range of Indian breakfast that can be prepared in three minutes, simply by adding hot water. MTR’s range of 3 min Indian breakfast includes halwa, poha, upma and oats.
short by Azhar Iqubal / 07:00 am on 28 Apr
Man returns home after 7-year cycling trip around the world
short by Pragya Swastik / on 24 Apr 2017,Monday
A 35-year-old man from England, Leigh Timmis, on Saturday returned to his home after a seven-year cycling trip around the world. Timmis, who left his home in 2010, covered around 69,200 kilometres on his cycle and raised over ₹82 lakh for a charity that sends kids on trips. He visited six continents on an average daily budget of about ₹400.
short by Pragya Swastik / 11:51 am on 24 Apr
Woman gives birth in coma, meets son months later
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / on 22 Apr 2017,Saturday
A policewoman in Argentina who gave birth in late 2016 while in coma met her baby for the first time after regaining consciousness last week, her family said. Although Amelia Bannan was in coma, her pregnancy moved along as planned and she gave birth via caesarean section. She believed her baby was her nephew when she first met him.
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / 11:16 am on 22 Apr
Man spent 36 yrs carving mountains to bring water to village
short by Sanira Mediratta / on 24 Apr 2017,Monday
A Chinese farmer is believed to have spent 36 years digging a 10-kilometre-long water channel through three mountains in Guizhou Province, China. The channel which was completed in 1995, is called the Dafa Channel, after the farmer Huang Dafa, who is now 81 years old. The system is now known to provide water to 1,200 people from neighbouring villages.
short by Sanira Mediratta / 07:30 pm on 24 Apr
106-yr-old granny has YouTube channel with 2.5 L subscribers
short by Sanira Mediratta / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
A 106-year-old woman, Mastanamma, who lives in a village called Gudivada in Andhra Pradesh, has a YouTube food channel with over 2.5 lakh subscribers. Regarded as the world's oldest YouTuber, she shares recipes on the channel 'Country Foods'. The videos, usually shared by her great grandson, show her cooking watermelon chicken, emu eggs and KFC chicken, among other dishes.
short by Sanira Mediratta / 07:37 pm on 26 Apr
Son of world's oldest person dies aged 97
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / on 20 Apr 2017,Thursday
A 97-year-old named Harold Fairweather passed away on Wednesday in Jamaica, days after his 117-year-old mother was declared the world's oldest person. He lived with his mother Violet Brown in the rural community of Duanvale, where he was born and raised. Fairweather, who had recently been unwell, was believed to be the world's oldest person with a living parent.
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / 10:47 am on 20 Apr
Firefighter catches baby dropped from burning building
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / on 22 Apr 2017,Saturday
A firefighter caught a baby thrown from the second floor of a burning building in Georgia, United States. Firefighter Robert Sutton said he heard the father yelling "Help" and asked him to drop it. The father was later rescued, while a nearby plumber said, "one guy just caught it like a football pass."
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / 02:56 pm on 22 Apr
Call of Duty's next video game to be based on World War II
short by Dishant Sharma / on 27 Apr 2017,Thursday
The Call of Duty video game franchise has announced that the upcoming installment of the first-person shooter game will be based on real events from World War II. The game, whose 'reveal trailer' was released on Wednesday, includes scenarios from iconic military operations from the war, like the world's largest amphibious invasion on the beaches of Normandy in 1944.
short by Dishant Sharma / 04:50 pm on 27 Apr
Man returns bag containing blank cheques worth ₹20 lakh
short by Daisy Mowke / on 23 Apr 2017,Sunday
Dinabandhu Mahalder from West Bengal returned an abandoned bag full of blank cheques worth ₹20 lakh from a local train. After going through the documents, Mahaldar managed to find an Aadhar card and a contact number. He then called the number and gave the bag to its owner after verifying his identity with the photo on the Aadhar card.
short by Daisy Mowke / 01:37 pm on 23 Apr
Doctors remove 8-inch spoon swallowed by teenager
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / on 27 Apr 2017,Thursday
Doctors at a hospital in China have said that they removed an eight-inch metal spoon from an 18-year-old schoolgirl's stomach. Footage shows doctors reviewing X-ray images of the spoon before a two-hour surgery earlier this month. The girl, who had accidentally swallowed the spoon, waited three days to seek medical attention because she wanted to complete her exams.
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / 04:27 pm on 27 Apr
Parents in US allowed to give daughter surname 'Allah'
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / on 21 Apr 2017,Friday
A couple, who had filed a lawsuit, has been allowed to give their daughter the surname "Allah" after US officials initially denied their request because neither parent has the name. ZalyKha Graceful Lorraina Allah, aged nearly two, was born to Elizabeth Handy and Bilal Walk. Notably, they faced no problems giving their older children the surname "Allah".
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / 05:03 pm on 21 Apr
Why does Queen Elizabeth II celebrate 2 birthdays in a year?
short by Daisy Mowke / on 21 Apr 2017,Friday
Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday once on the actual date of her birth and once on an 'official' birthday in June. This tradition was started by George II, who was born in November and felt that the weather at the time of his birthday will be too cold for his annual birthday parade. The Queen turned 91 on Friday.
short by Daisy Mowke / 03:10 pm on 21 Apr
Bear dropped from helicopter to lessen load: Report
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / on 19 Apr 2017,Wednesday
A helicopter dropped an Asiatic black bear to lessen its load because the pilot feared the helicopter would crash into a cliff in Thailand, reports said on Wednesday. The bear, which died, was being transported to a national park. An official said necessary permissions were not obtained, and its death was caused by human error and an unauthorised flight plan.
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / 03:58 pm on 19 Apr
Not looking someone in the eye is racist: Oxford to students
short by Sanira Mediratta / on 24 Apr 2017,Monday
According to the latest newsletter by Oxford University, students who avoid making eye contact with their peers could be guilty of racism. The University's Equality and Diversity Unit has advised students that "not speaking directly to people" could be deemed a "racial micro-aggression". It also stated "jokes drawing attention to someone's differences" is a potential form of "everyday racism".
short by Sanira Mediratta / 08:03 pm on 24 Apr
Photo of tree struck by lightning goes viral
short by Sanira Mediratta / on 25 Apr 2017,Tuesday
A tree in Mississippi, United States started burning from the inside after being recently struck by lightning. Meteorologist James Spann shared the picture with the caption "This tree was hit by lightning in Baldwyn, MS. It burned the inside." People replied to the tweet stating that it looked like a "portal to the Upside Down" or a "gateway to Hell".
short by Sanira Mediratta / 07:30 pm on 25 Apr
2-year-old run over by two cars; escapes with minor injuries
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / on 27 Apr 2017,Thursday
A two-year-old girl escaped without any serious injuries after being run over by two SUVs in China. CCTV footage shows the girl running onto a busy street and seeming to duck when the cars drive over her. According to reports, two women rushed towards the girl, who escaped with minor bruises on her head.
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / 02:16 pm on 27 Apr
Matrimonial site for cancer patients and survivors launched
short by Daisy Mowke / on 25 Apr 2017,Tuesday
A matrimonial website for blood cancer survivors and patients was inaugurated in Coimbatore on Friday. This website contains organised and confidential information related to the patients. The people who are looking for alliances need to fill in a form, after which coordinators look up the information and provide them with concerned details with consent from suitable patients.
short by Daisy Mowke / 01:57 pm on 25 Apr
World's largest rodent species' member gives birth in UK zoo
short by Gaurav Shroff / on 23 Apr 2017,Sunday
A six-year-old capybara, member of the world's largest rodent species has given birth to a pup at Chester Zoo, UK. Capybaras are often referred to as giant guinea pigs and can grow to up to 5 feet in length. Notably, the species is threatened due to habitat degradation and illegal poaching for its meat and skin, for making leather.
short by Gaurav Shroff / 01:44 pm on 23 Apr
Fur coat worn by Titanic survivor sells for over ₹1 crore
short by Sanira Mediratta / on 23 Apr 2017,Sunday
A fur coat worn by a stewardess aboard the Titanic has been sold at an auction for over ₹1 crore (£150,000), almost twice its valuation. Mabel Bennett is believed to have used the coat for protection when lifeboat crew arrived on the ship. It had been on display in a US museum, after being sold by her family in 1999.
short by Sanira Mediratta / 04:02 pm on 23 Apr
Dying woman hands out candies with special messages
short by Daisy Mowke / on 28 Apr 2017,Friday
Karen French, who has stage IV lung cancer, distributes candies with special messages pasted on them. "I can still take that step and let people know that God loves them. It's not over. It's just the beginning," said Karen. She also plans to donate money to the homeless to mark her 59th birthday in May.
short by Daisy Mowke / 07:31 pm on 28 Apr
World Penguin Day being observed on Tuesday
short by Gaurav Shroff / on 25 Apr 2017,Tuesday
World Penguin Day, which was observed on Tuesday, coincides with the annual northward migration of penguins, which happens each year around April 25, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Penguins are found almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica, with the largest species being the Emperor Penguin and the smallest being the Little Blue Penguin.
short by Gaurav Shroff / 06:09 pm on 25 Apr
913 gold coins found inside piano in UK declared as treasure
short by Daisy Mowke / on 21 Apr 2017,Friday
A total of 913 gold coins dating back to the 18th century which were found hidden in an old piano in the UK have been officially declared as treasure by a court. They were discovered in December last year when the piano's new owner had it re-tuned and repaired. The coins will now be offered for sale to museums.
short by Daisy Mowke / 07:39 pm on 21 Apr
Parents and step-parents attend kid's football match
short by Daisy Mowke / on 21 Apr 2017,Friday
Four-year-old Maelyn Player's football match was attended by her parents and her step-parents. "Because of us, I will never believe co-parenting can't work!... Choose to do what's best for your child and everything will just fall into place," wrote Maelyn's step-mother on Facebook. Maelyn's mother said they "put all their differences aside" and do things together for their child.
short by Daisy Mowke / 06:27 pm on 21 Apr
Soldier jumps from fuel tanker to save whale
short by Daisy Mowke / on 23 Apr 2017,Sunday
A crew member of a fuel tanker jumped off the deck to save a whale which was caught in a line between the tanker and a boat. The soldier, reportedly from Algeria, jumped into the sea without a life jacket. He eventually managed to free the whale after nearly 10 minutes in the sea.
short by Daisy Mowke / 01:39 pm on 23 Apr
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