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Dell Inspiron laptop offers great gaming at great price: Review
short by Azhar Iqubal / on 28 Apr 2017,Friday
Dell’s Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop, priced at ₹76,490, offers users “great gaming at a great price,” said CNET. PC Advisor called its performance “admirable” and its 10+ hours of battery life a “jaw-dropper.” Dell is giving users the option to pay for the Inspiron laptop through exciting EMI schemes, with instalments starting from ₹7,908 per month.
short by Azhar Iqubal / 01:06 pm on 28 Apr
Google, Facebook fell victim to one man's $100 million scam
short by Pragya Swastik / on 28 Apr 2017,Friday
Two of the world's biggest tech companies, Google and Facebook, fell victim to a 48-year-old man's $100 million phishing scam between 2013 and 2015. The man had posed as an Asian contractor to trick executives from Facebook and Google to cheat the companies. Both Google and Facebook admitted to the phishing scam and said the sum was successfully recovered.
short by Pragya Swastik / 09:02 pm on 28 Apr
Identities of 110 cr people exposed via data breach in 2016
short by Pragya Swastik / on 27 Apr 2017,Thursday
The personal identities of 110 crore people across the world were exposed via various data breaches in 2016 against 56.3 crore identities leaked a year ago, a study by internet security firm Symantec has found. While the US experienced the most number of data breaches, India witnessed the 5th most number of breaches. Maximum breaches took place through malware-containing emails.
short by Pragya Swastik / 04:57 pm on 27 Apr
Startup makes ₹77,000 coffee table with fridge, speaker
short by Pragya Swastik / on 27 Apr 2017,Thursday
New York-based startup StoreBound has made a ₹77,000 coffee table called 'Sobro', that comes fitted with a refrigerating drawer, a Bluetooth speaker, and phone charging points. The refrigerating drawer can hold about 30 bottles or cans of drinks. The temperature of the drawer and the songs being played by the speaker can be controlled through a dedicated smartphone app.
short by Pragya Swastik / 06:59 pm on 27 Apr
Sad to see fraud sites of my initiative for soldiers: Akshay
short by Prashanti Moktan / on 28 Apr 2017,Friday
Actor Akshay Kumar has said that it makes him sad to know about the existence of many fraudulent apps and sites based on his initiative for Indian soldiers. He clarified, "The only initiative I am associated with is" Akshay launched the app and website BharatKeVeer, which provided a platform for everyone to help the families of martyrs financially.
short by Prashanti Moktan / 06:47 pm on 28 Apr
Uber allowed to ask Google Co-founder 1 question in court
short by Vani Vivek / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
A US court has allowed taxi-hailing startup Uber to ask Google Co-founder Larry Page a single question on whether he had a conversation with former employee Anthony Levandowski about joining Uber. This comes amid Google spinoff Waymo's lawsuit against Uber which accuses Levandowski of stealing confidential documents related to self-driving car technology and using them at Uber.
short by Vani Vivek / 02:33 pm on 26 Apr
Startup offers 8 jobs, ₹10cr to settle anti-Asian bias case
short by Vani Vivek / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
US technology startup Palantir has agreed to pay over ₹10 crore in back wages and extend job offers to eight applicants to settle a lawsuit accusing it of racial discrimination against Asians. The lawsuit specifically focused on the company's hiring and selection processes for engineering roles. Earlier, Palantir CEO Alex Karp said, "I've f*cked up a lot but haven't discriminated."
short by Vani Vivek / 04:06 pm on 26 Apr
Samsung reports its largest quarterly profit since 2013
short by Pragya Swastik / on 27 Apr 2017,Thursday
Despite a number of explosions in its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones last year, South Korean electronics maker Samsung has reported its best quarterly profit since 2013. The January-March quarter profit of $8.72 billion was supported by Samsung's business of manufacturing memory chips, smartphones and televisions. Samsung said it expects the earnings to further improve in the current quarter.
short by Pragya Swastik / 01:57 pm on 27 Apr
Swedish startup uses AI to find how dolphins communicate
short by Gaurav Shroff / on 28 Apr 2017,Friday
After mastering 40 human languages, Swedish startup Gavagai Ab is hoping to use its language analysis software to study communication methods employed by dolphins. Using the artificial intelligence data, researchers would compile a dolphin language directory. The four-year dolphin project will help the company sharpen its $10-million AI tool for other analytical tasks, said the startup's CEO.
short by Gaurav Shroff / 10:45 am on 28 Apr
Google India is country's most attractive employer: Randstad
short by Vani Vivek / on 27 Apr 2017,Thursday
As per Randstad Employer Brand Research 2017, Google India is the country's most attractive employer brand, followed by Mercedes-Benz India. In the e-commerce sector, Amazon emerged on top, with Philips as most attractive employer in consumer and healthcare. The survey also revealed that competitive salary and employee benefits were top priorities among Indian workforce while choosing an employer.
short by Vani Vivek / 08:43 pm on 27 Apr
Salesforce cuts CEO pay by 60% after shareholder criticism
short by Vani Vivek / on 27 Apr 2017,Thursday
Cloud software company Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff's compensation has been reduced by 60% for FY17 after facing criticism from shareholders. Benioff's pay package was cut from ₹214 crore a year earlier to ₹84.6 crore and the company will also not pay for his personal security. In the fiscal year ended January 2016, Benioff received a pay cut of 16%.
short by Vani Vivek / 04:52 pm on 27 Apr
Facebook report says governments influencing public opinion
short by Pragya Swastik / on 28 Apr 2017,Friday
A Facebook report has revealed foreign governments are manipulating public opinion through the social media platform to further their geopolitical agendas. Besides spreading fake news, these campaigns are using multiple networks of fake accounts to manipulate public opinion, the report added. Coordination to silence unfavourable voices to sway public opinion in one's favour was also noticed.
short by Pragya Swastik / 07:35 pm on 28 Apr
Apple's self-driving test car spotted for the first time
short by Pragya Swastik / on 28 Apr 2017,Friday
World's most valuable company Apple's self-driving test car was recently spotted for the first time in the Silicon Valley. The car, a Lexus RX450h SUV, was fitted with standard third-party sensors and hardware, two radar units and a number of cameras. Earlier this month, the California Department of Motor gave Apple clearance to carry out trials with three vehicles.
short by Pragya Swastik / 04:37 pm on 28 Apr
John McAfee shows prototype of his firm's 'Privacy Phone'
short by Vani Vivek / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
Founder of McAfee anti-virus software John McAfee, who is now heading cyber security company MGT, took to Twitter to share a prototype of the 'John McAfee Privacy Phone'. McAfee has claimed that the phone will be the "world's first truly private smartphone". The phone, which is speculated to have a price of ₹22,500, will "partly" run Android OS, McAfee added.
short by Vani Vivek / 04:05 pm on 26 Apr
Amazon unveils voice-controlled camera to give fashion tips
short by Vani Vivek / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
E-commerce company Amazon has unveiled its camera called 'Echo Look' which can take full-length photos and provide fashion tips using artificial intelligence algorithms. The voice-controlled camera is powered by Amazon's digital assistant Alexa. Priced at ₹12,800, Echo Look can also create lookbooks, play music, or give traffic estimates while the user gets ready.
short by Vani Vivek / 09:09 pm on 26 Apr
Twitter reports its first ever fall in revenue
short by Vani Vivek / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
Microblogging platform Twitter has posted its first revenue decline to $548 million in the first quarter of 2017. However, the company's shares rose by more than 10% in pre-market trading as analysts had expected the revenue decline to be much steeper. The 11-year-old company, which went public in 2013, has never posted a profit so far.
short by Vani Vivek / 09:11 pm on 26 Apr
Internet should be utility available to whole world: Jack Ma
short by Pragya Swastik / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
China's e-commerce giant Alibaba's Founder, Jack Ma on Tuesday said the internet should be a utility available to the whole world. He added, "The internet should be treated as the infrastructure of global development". Ma further said, "Everything will be online and everything online will have data. And data will be the energy for innovation".
short by Pragya Swastik / 06:34 pm on 26 Apr
Billionaire aims to make plane to fly around globe in 5 days
short by Vani Vivek / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg has announced plans to build a glider plane with the capability of flying around the globe in five days. Vekselberg said the aerial vehicle, which will be ready in two years, will rise to an altitude of 16 km for the non-stop flight around the world. The vehicle is expected to operate on solar batteries.
short by Vani Vivek / 08:11 pm on 26 Apr
UK band gains 1 lakh likes after its Facebook page is hacked
short by Vani Vivek / on 27 Apr 2017,Thursday
A UK band called 'Weirds' claims to have gained over 1 lakh new likes on its Facebook page after it got hacked last week. The hackers deleted the band's posts, renamed the page "Top Viral Videos" and posted short videos through it. After regaining control of its page, the band asked its new followers to unfollow the page.
short by Vani Vivek / 03:00 pm on 27 Apr
Drunk man arrested after knocking over security robot
short by Vani Vivek / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
A 41-year-old man in California was recently arrested for "prowling and public intoxication" after he knocked over a security robot while he was drunk. The 5-foot-tall, 136 kg robot can stream 360-degree video and read 300 license plates per minute. Last year, the robot faced flak after it ran over a toddler's foot.
short by Vani Vivek / 04:20 pm on 26 Apr
Fitbit data used as proof to charge man with killing wife
short by Vani Vivek / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
US police has charged a man with murdering his wife after her Fitbit fitness tracker showed that he had lied about his alibi. The man had claimed that an intruder entered their house and shot the woman at around 9 am. However, data from the woman's Fitbit proved that she was still active inside the house till about 10:05 am.
short by Vani Vivek / 02:36 pm on 26 Apr
Google Co-founder said to be building secret airship at NASA
short by Pragya Swastik / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
Google's Co-founder Sergey Brin is secretly building a massive airship inside of Hangar 2 at NASA, according to a Bloomberg report. In 2015, Google unit Planetary Ventures took over multiple NASA hangars and turned them into laboratories for the company. The report says the engineers have constructed a metal skeleton of the airship, which fills up almost the entire hangar.
short by Pragya Swastik / 03:31 pm on 26 Apr
Woman defends Facebook after husband kills kid on live video
short by Vani Vivek / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
A Thai woman, whose husband broadcast the murder of their 11-month-old daughter live on Facebook before committing suicide, has defended the social media major. "I am not angry at Facebook or blaming them on this... I understand that people shared the video because they were outraged," she said. Facebook failed to take the video down for about 24 hours.
short by Vani Vivek / 08:42 pm on 26 Apr
Google working on Bluetooth headphones: Report
short by Vani Vivek / on 27 Apr 2017,Thursday
Technology major Google is reportedly working on over-ear headphones with Bluetooth capabilities. The headphones will also have a built-in microphone for answering calls and a traditional audio cable for tethered listening. However, reports added that the headphones could also be an upgrade to existing headphones that Google issues to its employees.
short by Vani Vivek / 02:59 pm on 27 Apr
Thai man broadcasts daughter's murder live on Facebook
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 26 Apr 2017,Wednesday
A Thai man filmed himself killing his 11-month-old daughter and live-streamed the video on Facebook before committing suicide, according to reports. "The man had an argument with his wife. He was jealous and thought that she had other boyfriends," police said. It is believed to be Thailand's first killing that was broadcast on the social networking site.
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 02:38 pm on 26 Apr
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