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Facebook now lets Indian users recharge their phone numbers
short by Aditi Verma / on 19 Apr 2018,Thursday
Facebook has started rolling out a feature in India that allows Android users to recharge their prepaid mobile numbers. The users can access the feature by clicking on the three horizontal lines (≡) next to notifications tab and selecting the 'Mobile Recharge' section. The users will then be directed to choose a plan and pay for the same.
short by Aditi Verma / 09:15 am on 19 Apr
World's richest man Bezos earned ₹54 lakh as salary in 2017
short by Aditi Verma / on 19 Apr 2018,Thursday
World's richest person and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos earned ₹54 lakh as salary from the e-commerce giant in 2017. The full compensation of the 54-year-old, whose current net worth stands at $126.5 billion, also included $1.6 million for the cost of "security arrangements" for Amazon CEO. Further, the median annual pay for Amazon workers other than Bezos stood at $28,446.
short by Aditi Verma / 11:04 pm on 19 Apr
What data does Facebook collect when people aren't using it?
short by Aditi Verma / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
Following CEO Mark Zuckerberg's testimony, Facebook has explained what data it collects about users who are logged out or don't have an account. Facebook said when someone visits a website that uses its services, it receives information such as users' IP addresses and cookies. Cookies can help recognise details like unique visitors, demographic information, and whether the visitor uses Facebook.
short by Aditi Verma / 01:21 pm on 18 Apr
OnePlus 6 to be an Amazon exclusive device
short by Roshan Gupta / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
New teaser from OnePlus has confirmed that OnePlus 6 will be an Amazon exclusive device. The company has been selling its smartphones on Amazon since the launch of the first OnePlus One. Recently, OnePlus also shared the inspiration behind the wallpaper design of OnePlus 6, created by the Swedish artist Hampus Olsson.
short by Roshan Gupta / 02:41 pm on 18 Apr
OnePlus teams up with Marvel Studios for 'Avengers: Infinity War'
short by Roshan Gupta / on 19 Apr 2018,Thursday
OnePlus has announced a partnership with Marvel Studios to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the film "Avengers: Infinity War" which releases on April 27. Reports state that OnePlus is collaborating with Disney for a special "Avengers: Infinity War" edition of the forthcoming OnePlus 6. Notably, OnePlus had introduced OnePlus 5T "Star Wars" special edition smartphone to celebrate in December 2017.
short by Roshan Gupta / 07:50 pm on 19 Apr
Ex-Yahoo CEO sets up tech incubator at old Google office
short by Aditi Verma / on 19 Apr 2018,Thursday
Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has set up a technology incubator called Lumi Labs at an old Google office. The incubator, which is named after snow, focusses on consumer media and artificial intelligence space. Notably, Mayer started her career with Google in 1999 where she worked for 13 years and managed multiple products before joining Yahoo.
short by Aditi Verma / 06:38 pm on 19 Apr
FB, Microsoft pledge to defend against misuse of their tech
short by Aditi Verma / on 19 Apr 2018,Thursday
Facebook, Microsoft and 32 other global technology and security companies have signed a Cybersecurity Tech Accord, pledging to defend customers from malicious attacks by cybercriminal enterprises and nation-states. As a part of it, the companies have also vowed to defend against misuse of their technology. The companies also pledged to partner with each other to enhance cybersecurity.
short by Aditi Verma / 08:56 am on 19 Apr
Apple patents AirPods case which acts as wireless speaker
short by Shifa Naseer / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
Technology giant Apple has filed a patent to turn the AirPods case into a wireless speaker to enable users to listen to music while charging. The patent also details support for Bluetooth pairing between the AirPods and the case. This function is aimed to help in streaming music from the charging case to the wireless earbuds.
short by Shifa Naseer / 10:18 pm on 18 Apr
AI to be useful for defence, offence: Ex-Google CEO amid row
short by Shifa Naseer / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
After employees protested against Google's deal with US military, arguing that the company shouldn't be in "business of war", ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, "The nature of AI is a long-term technology that will be useful for defensive and... offensive purposes." Any efforts to "make it easier" for the Pentagon to work with private industry would be welcome, he added.
short by Shifa Naseer / 10:10 am on 18 Apr
Microsoft launches its first product based on Linux
short by Shifa Naseer / on 19 Apr 2018,Thursday
Microsoft is launching a product based on former rival technology Linux kernel for the first time, announcing a new operating system Azure Sphere. The product will help improve the security of internet-connected devices. Notably, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had called Linux a "cancer" in 2001 but said he "loved" a Microsoft release in 2016 which was compatible with Linux.
short by Shifa Naseer / 09:53 am on 19 Apr
Facebook wearable lets users 'feel' incoming messages
short by Aditi Verma / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
Facebook has developed a wearable device that allows users to receive messages without looking at their smart devices, and feel them through their skin. The system transmits a vibration pattern representing words in the message to the users' arm for the purpose. Reports said people were able to learn 100 words with 90% accuracy after 100 minutes of training.
short by Aditi Verma / 08:31 pm on 18 Apr
Apple unveils robot that recycles iPhones
short by Aditi Verma / on 20 Apr 2018,Friday
Apple has unveiled a new robot 'Daisy' which can disassemble iPhones to recover components that contain high-quality materials. Daisy has been made from Apple's Liam robot which was launched in 2016 and is capable of disassembling nine versions of iPhone. The new robot, which can also sort high-quality components for recycling, can take apart up to 200 devices per hour.
short by Aditi Verma / 11:30 am on 20 Apr
iPhone X generated 35% of handset industry profits in Q4 17
short by Aditi Verma / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
Apple's iPhone X alone generated 35% of the total handset industry profits in Q4 2017, according to Counterpoint. The report called it a "significant landmark" as the model was available in the market for only two months during Q4 2017. The report pointed Apple remained the most profitable brand, capturing 86% of the total handset market profits in the period.
short by Aditi Verma / 11:44 am on 18 Apr
New Zealand PM is a 'political prodigy': Facebook COO
short by Deepika Agrawal / on 20 Apr 2018,Friday
New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern, who has featured on TIME magazine's annual list of 100 most influential people, has been described as "political prodigy" by Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg. "In a world that often tells women to stay small...Ardern proves how wrong those notions are," Sandberg added. Ardern will become the second PM in history to give birth in office.
short by Deepika Agrawal / 11:08 am on 20 Apr
We will take action if an app violates our policies: Google
short by Aditi Verma / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
Responding to a report which said nearly 60% of free Android apps used by children potentially violate a US law, Google has said, "If we determine that an app violates our policies, we will take action." Google added that it is taking the report "very seriously". The report had claimed that these apps could be illegally monitoring children's behaviour online.
short by Aditi Verma / 01:43 pm on 18 Apr
All online, offline ads on Facebook are targeted: Executive
short by Shifa Naseer / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
Talking about ad targeting on Facebook, the company's Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob Sherman said, "All ads on Facebook are targeted to some extent, and that's true for offline advertising as well." Adding that the company will start seeking users' permission for how Facebook uses their data, he said that "opting out of targeted marketing altogether would not be possible."
short by Shifa Naseer / 02:52 pm on 18 Apr
FB to ask all users to review privacy choices under new laws
short by Aditi Verma / on 19 Apr 2018,Thursday
Facebook has announced it'll ask all users to review information about how their data is used and make choices about their privacy. This is to comply with EU's General Data Protection Regulation, under which the changes eventually will be rolled out globally. Facebook will also let users choose whether they want their data to be used to show them ads.
short by Aditi Verma / 01:48 pm on 19 Apr
Ex-CEO of Facebook leak-linked firm refuses to testify in UK
short by Aditi Verma / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
Facebook data leak-linked firm Cambridge Analytica's former CEO Alexander Nix has refused to testify before the UK Parliament's media committee. Nix cited an ongoing investigation by the information commissioner's office as the reason. This comes a day before Nix was scheduled to appear for the hearing regarding the scandal wherein Facebook users' data was exploited to influence the US elections.
short by Aditi Verma / 12:30 pm on 18 Apr
Facebook building a team to make its own chips: Reports
short by Aditi Verma / on 19 Apr 2018,Thursday
Social media company Facebook is building a team to design its own semiconductors, according to reports. The company is looking to hire engineers to build an "end-to-end SoC/ASIC, firmware and driver development organization," according to a job listing. Facebook might use such chips to power hardware devices, artificial intelligence software, and servers in its data centers, reports said.
short by Aditi Verma / 11:07 am on 19 Apr
Facebook's rating downgraded for 1st time since data scandal
short by Aditi Verma / on 19 Apr 2018,Thursday
Facebook's rating has been cut to mixed versus positive by research firm OTR Global amid concerns that year-over-year growth in advertisement spending moderated in 2018 first quarter. This is Facebook's first downgrade since it was reported that millions of its users' data was exploited to influence the US elections. Following the downgrade, the company's shares also fell 1.7% on Wednesday.
short by Aditi Verma / 01:37 pm on 19 Apr
Reddit hires former Time executive as its COO
short by Aditi Verma / on 20 Apr 2018,Friday
Online discussions platform Reddit has hired Jen Wong, a former executive at Time as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Wong has over 15 years of experience in digital media space and previously served Time as President of Digital and as its COO. Wong's "vision will help carry Reddit's momentum forward in the years to come," Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said.
short by Aditi Verma / 11:31 am on 20 Apr
Snapchat to allow users to create their own face filters
short by Shifa Naseer / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
Photo-sharing app Snapchat has announced a new feature on its Lens Studio platform that will allow users to create their own face filters. The company will also generate a Snapcode for the filters and deep link it to open within Snapchat for 24 hours. Snapchat's parent company Snap has also announced rewards for top creators called the Official Creator Program.
short by Shifa Naseer / 01:00 pm on 18 Apr
Amazon launches web browser in India which uses less data
short by Shifa Naseer / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
Amazon has launched an Android web browser app called Internet which is designed to use minimal storage and data. The app supports private tabs that don't save browser history and shows cricket news and general headlines on its homepage. It's only available to users in India for now and is supported on devices running Android 5.0 or higher.
short by Shifa Naseer / 01:02 pm on 18 Apr
FB scandal firm planned to launch own cryptocurrency: Report
short by Aditi Verma / on 18 Apr 2018,Wednesday
Facebook data scandal-linked firm Cambridge Analytica was planning to raise $30 million by issuing its own cryptocurrency, reports have said. "Prior to the Facebook controversy...We were exploring multiple options for people to...monetise their personal data, including blockchain technology," Analytica said. It had approached a firm that advises companies on structuring an initial coin offering.
short by Aditi Verma / 01:09 pm on 18 Apr
Google Maps testing local landmark-based directions: Reports
short by Aditi Verma / on 19 Apr 2018,Thursday
Technology giant Google is reportedly testing a feature in Maps that gives users directions based on local landmarks. For instance, the feature will guide users to "turn right after Burger King." According to reports, the feature was only found to be working in New York and Google has not confirmed as to when the feature will be rolled out.
short by Aditi Verma / 01:24 pm on 19 Apr
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