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Indian population to surpass China's by 2024: UN
short by Ankush Verma / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
A report by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs has claimed that India's population is expected to surpass that of China's by 2024, two years later than previously estimated. India's population is projected to reach 1.5 billion by 2030. Notably, China and India, the two most populous countries of the world, comprise around 37% of the world's population.
short by Ankush Verma / 10:00 am on 22 Jun
24 killed, 60 injured in car bomb blast in Afghanistan
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
At least 24 people were killed and over 60 others were injured in a car bomb blast outside a New Kabul Bank's branch in Afghanistan's Lashkargah on Thursday, according to reports. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. This comes after a recent car bomb blast by Taliban militants which killed six policemen in the country's Paktia province.
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 02:44 pm on 22 Jun
World population will hit 8 billion in 2023: UN
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
The global population will hit 8 billion in 2023, according to the United Nations' annual population survey. The survey found that the world's population has been increasing by roughly 83 million annually, and the number of people aged over 60 will top 1 billion next year. Further, India will overtake China to become the world's most populous nation by 2024.
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / 10:57 am on 22 Jun
Kenneth Juster to be new US ambassador to India: White House
short by Ankush Verma / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
US President Donald Trump's top aide Kenneth Juster is set to be US' new ambassador to India, the White House said on Wednesday. "Kenneth Juster's move to Indian ambassador is because he is extremely qualified for the position," a White House spokesperson said. Juster would replace acting US ambassador to India MaryKay Carlson if appointed and confirmed by the Senate.
short by Ankush Verma / 08:27 am on 22 Jun
ISIS blows up mosque in Mosul where Baghdadi became 'caliph'
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
Islamic State fighters have blown up Mosul's historic leaning minaret and the adjacent Grand al-Nuri Mosque, where their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared himself "caliph" in 2014, Iraqi officials said. However, the militants blamed a US strike for the explosion. The destruction of the landmarks comes on the fourth day of a US-backed Iraqi offensive to retake the Iraqi city.
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 03:41 pm on 22 Jun
1,500 yoga mats depicting Israel's future displayed
short by Sumedha Sehra / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
Israel marked the International Yoga Day by depicting the country's future through an artwork. Around 1,500 mats were placed together to form the artwork, at the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. “This is the third International Yoga Day and we have basically an amalgam, a mix of all different yoga schools here in one place,” said volunteer Yuav Yenen.
short by Sumedha Sehra / 12:33 pm on 22 Jun
Removing Assad no longer priority in Syria: French President
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
French President Emmanuel Macron has said removal of Syrian President Assad from power is no longer a 'priority' in preventing Syria from turning into a failed state plagued with terrorism as there is 'no legitimate successor' to replace him. Macron is the first Western leader to depart from the stance which demanded Assad's removal to stabilise war-torn Syria.
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 07:45 pm on 22 Jun
US Senate Republicans release draft bill to repeal Obamacare
short by Ankush Verma / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
US Senate Republicans on Thursday released a draft healthcare bill to repeal Obamacare. The bill makes deep revisions to the Affordable Care Act by cutting taxes, restructuring subsidies to insurance customers and pulling out of Medicaid expansion. It would also repeal an Obamacare rule requiring most Americans to have some form of health coverage or pay a fine.
short by Ankush Verma / 11:16 pm on 22 Jun
Don't have tapes of conversations with Comey: Donald Trump
short by Ankush Verma / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
US President Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted that he made no recordings or tapes of his conversations with the then FBI Director James Comey, ending months of speculation about whether such tapes exist. Notably, Comey had said he hoped there were recordings of his conversations with the President while testifying before a US Senate committee earlier this month.
short by Ankush Verma / 11:36 pm on 22 Jun
I do not want a 'poor' person in cabinet roles: Donald Trump
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
Defending criticism against his wealthy cabinet picks, US President Donald Trump has said he doesn't want "a poor person" to hold economic roles in his administration. Adding that his 'rich' cabinet ministers "went from massive pay days to peanuts", Trump said, "I love all people, rich or poor, but in those particular positions I just don't want a poor person."
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 07:12 pm on 22 Jun
Russian diplomat becomes 1st UN counter-terrorism chief
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
Russian diplomat Vladimir Voronkov has been appointed as the first ever head of the UN Counter-Terrorism Office, which was created recently. Adding that the Russians are under-represented at the UN at the most senior levels, the organisation's spokesperson Farhan Haq said, Voronkov will provide strategic leadership to UN counterterrorism efforts and will participate in its decision-making process.
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 07:36 pm on 22 Jun
Philippines bans private use of firecrackers
short by Ankush Verma / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday signed an executive order banning the private use of firecrackers in the country. Aimed at minimising the risk of injuries and casualties, the new decree restricts the use of firecrackers to public displays with a trained person supervising the event. Notably, health authorities recorded 350 fireworks-related injuries as the country welcomed 2017.
short by Ankush Verma / 07:39 pm on 22 Jun
Donald Trump's net worth falls by ₹645 crore in a year
short by Mansha Mahajan / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
US President Donald Trump's wealth has fallen by $100 million (₹645 crore) from the previous year to $2.9 billion. The decrease is driven by a drop in the value of three Trump properties, which aren’t bringing in as much cash as banks that loaned him money had expected. Together, the properties' value has been revised down by $380 million.
short by Mansha Mahajan / 01:52 pm on 22 Jun
ISIS militants trapped in besieged Philippine city: Military
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
ISIS militants who have besieged the Philippine city of Marawi since last month, have been cornered in the city and hold only 1 square km of the area, the country's military has said. Adding that the number of militants holding the city had dwindled to "a little over 100", the military said they have killed around 270 militants till now.
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 03:47 pm on 22 Jun
ISIS-inspired fake Lego set has terrorists, chainsaws, bombs
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
A Chinese retailer is selling Islamic State-inspired counterfeit Lego sets, featuring terrorists armed with chainsaws and a decapitated head. The 'Falcon Commandos' set claims to pitch "intelligence officers" against ISIS terrorists. Following this, Lego said, "The product is not a Lego product... we would naturally never make a product like this."
short by Aarushi Maheshwari / 06:01 pm on 22 Jun
Men wear skirts in France to protest ban on shorts
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
With temperatures reaching record high in the French city of Nantes, bus drivers of the city's public transport system wore skirts to work in protest for not being allowed to wear shorts despite hot weather conditions. "Our uniform is not appropriate for high temperatures. We envy women at moments like this," the drivers said.
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 08:54 pm on 22 Jun
Justin Trudeau gifts former US embassy to Canada's tribes
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday gifted a former US embassy to Canada's more than 600 tribes, in a symbolic rapprochement with indigenous people on a national day celebrating the country's aboriginal population. Trudeau also ordered to strip a nearby building housing his offices of its name, which is associated with the "cultural genocide" of Canadian aboriginals.
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 07:26 pm on 22 Jun
Five-metre-tall inflatable refugee floats through Melbourne
short by Ankush Verma / on 21 Jun 2017,Wednesday
A floating inflatable figure of a refugee wearing a life jacket has appeared on the banks of Melbourne's Yarra river. The five-metre high installation created by Belgian artists has been displayed to highlight global refugee crisis. The artwork, which is made from the same material as inflatable boats which carry refugees, has previously appeared in Italy, Sweden, Denmark, and Belgium.
short by Ankush Verma / 11:29 pm on 21 Jun
Congo to recall UN peacekeepers over sex abuse allegations
short by Nandini Sinha / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
The Republic of Congo will recall around 600 peacekeepers from the Central African Republic over sexual abuse allegations, the UN announced on Wednesday. Notably, 120 troops of the same contingent were sent back in 2016 over similar allegations. In a leaked memo, the peacekeepers' commander had remarked that "the battalion is no longer trustable because of lack of discipline".
short by Nandini Sinha / 10:28 pm on 22 Jun
No one in UK royal family wants the throne: Prince Harry
short by Ankush Verma / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
Promising to carry out their duties at the right time, UK's Prince Harry said that no member of the royal family wants to be king or queen. Adding that the Queen has been fantastic in letting them choose, he said, "We are involved in modernising the monarchy. We are not doing this for ourselves but for good of people."
short by Ankush Verma / 08:49 pm on 22 Jun
Saudi Arabia sends 12,000 camels, sheep back to Qatar
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
Amid the ongoing Gulf diplomatic crisis, Saudi Arabia has ordered to deport as many as 12,000 camels and sheep to Qatar. Reports said Qatar has provided temporary shelter, water, and fodder to camels and sheep returning from the Kingdom. This comes after Saudi and its allies gave Qatari citizens a two-week deadline to leave the Kingdom.
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 07:53 pm on 22 Jun
US teachers being trained to carry guns in classrooms
short by Ankush Verma / on 22 Jun 2017,Thursday
Teachers in the US state of Colorado are being trained to carry guns in classrooms in order to protect children in the event of a school shooting. The training, which is carried out by off-duty police officers, has been created in the wake of the 2012 school massacre in Connecticut, in which 20 children and six staff members were killed.
short by Ankush Verma / 11:29 pm on 22 Jun
Death toll from Central Africa clashes rises to 100
short by Ankush Verma / on 21 Jun 2017,Wednesday
As many as 100 people have been killed in a day of clashes between rival factions in the Central African Republic town of Bria, local officials said. The violence erupted just a day after the government signed a truce with rebel groups. Under the agreement, armed groups were granted political representation in exchange for ending the attacks.
short by Ankush Verma / 11:15 pm on 21 Jun
Man arrested over abusive tweet after London mosque attack
short by Deepali Aggarwal / on 21 Jun 2017,Wednesday
Richard Evans, son of a co-owner of the company whose vehicle was used in the recent London mosque attack, has been arrested over a Twitter post. He had tweeted, "it's a shame they don't hire out tanks," after the attack. Evans was arrested "on suspicion of displaying threatening abusive statement with the intent to stir up racial hatred", police said.
short by Deepali Aggarwal / 11:19 pm on 21 Jun
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